Pour ceux qui aimeraient découvrir les fabuleux itineraires du massif du Mont-Blanc,
son granit orange, ses arêtes interminables ou encore les couloirs glacés.
Pour ceux qui seraient interessés à perfectionner leur technique en cascade de glace, devenir autonome en Alpinisme, ou acquerir les notion de base en matière de securité en marche sur glacier et secour crevasse.
Pour ceux qui  font la collection des 4000 des Alpes.
Pour ceux qui revent de skier au pied ou en face des Drus ou des Jorasses.

As a Chamonix based Aspirant Guide, i'll be pleased to share with you my knowledge of this fantastic Mountain Range.
Mont Blanc is not the only attraction, in Chamonix you will find some of the best rock routes to be found anywhere in the world . Easy access thanks to the awesome net of train, buses, and the odd télépherique will take you very fast from the Geneva airport up to the hills where you will be able to enjoy the Alpine environment.
Summer is the perfect time to test your skills with the famous Chamonix cracks and aretes. Or maybe just for
learning basic crampons techniques before tackling Mont Blanc or again for a glacier security, crevasse rescue clinic.
Winter in Chamonix is worlwide famous for his longs runs down the Glaciers from Aiguille du Midi,Vallé Blanche, the Grand Montets. If you are keen for some skitouring we have plenty of it.
If you are travelling to the Alps in winter for climbing, i can take you to the marvelous frozen waterfalls of the Western Alps. For an introduction, or to improve your skills, or simply because it's so cool!
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